Posted by: butterflylion21 | 13 February 2008

something is happening..

I still can’t figure it out right now, but something is happening. Perhaps this is what they call an AHA! moment. GOD is really so good!

Whatever is this, I hope this will become a reality. I’ve been waiting for this. Maybe I just needed a nudge from someone. Not that my family and friends are not concerned about me and wouldn’t give their own suggestions.

But if it’s a newfound friend who does, who I just met online recently, then it adds to the reflection that someone believes that I can do whatever I wanted to do, especially when it comes to my craft. She absolutely lifted my spirits! Thanks Dylan! =)

I pray that my condition will not hinder this new journey I’m about to take. I wish to be able to maintain my passion. Can’t wait to know what will turn out in the future!

Posted by: butterflylion21 | 29 January 2008

Casting Crowns’ “Who Am I?”

By visiting other bloggers’ sites, I came upon (again) Casting Crowns‘ praise song, “Who Am I?”

I was glad to re-experience the serenity of listening to it all over again. I encountered the band a few years back through my dear friend/high school classmate, M. He let me listen to that particular song and immediately I got hooked.

M gave me a CD of the band’s songs. Unfortunately, my sister’s audio player cannot read the recording so it stayed on the shelf, almost forgotten. It sometimes caught my attention but is easily tossed off since I can’t play it anyway.

After my first post almost two weeks ago, it’s just appropriate that a praise song for Him got me into this once more. The word inspired is constantly in my mind these days. So with excited. That’s because several things are happening to me now (which I will share with you in His right time).

I seldom feel inspired and excited so I better take the chance, just enjoy and savor the moment. The title alone is inspiring. One is stirred to take a closer look inside, to have a deep conversation with one’s self and with God, to commune with nature and delight in the beauty of His creation. What more if you hear the music and be familiar with the lyrics?

I hope to be inspired for a long time, if not forever. =)

Posted by: butterflylion21 | 17 January 2008

a new beginning

This is a fresh start for me in the world of blogging. If I just continued doing it, writing, I mean, this would be my 5th year, officially, in the web.

Back then, I didn’t know about blogging as it is popularly known today. Perhaps what I did before was not officially blogging. I started at Diaryland way back July 3, 2003. Named my online diary EarthAngel Lion. Posted my first entry at 11:58 p.m. Tried my best just a while ago to retrieve my original “diary” in the net. At first I wasn’t successful as I forgot my password to that account. Yap, that’s how far off I’ve been from my creative self (I hope it will not happen again).

Good thing I still remembered my username and the email address I used to open up my account at the said site. So the guys at Diaryland sent me the password. Yehey! I got to see again my first post written at a time when I was still imaginative, hopeful, creative and enthusiastic about life.

I better copy it here (and the succeeding thoughts thereafter in that site and in another site.. more on this next time) since the Diaryland account might get blocked again (thanks to my negligence and indolence in the first place.. oh well, can’t blame anybody but myself. But then again, I can’t blame myself either.. I will explain about it in the coming days).

Anyway, it was entitled “first time -)“. Read on..

july 3, 2003 – 11:58 p.m.

got to know this diaryland through Sabrina Ward Harrison‘s website. actually, ’twas officially through Christine Castro‘s website. -)

read about Sabrina in an old issue of a magazine (forgot what it was). enjoyed her article! so, had to check her website which i did two weeks ago. that’s where i got to “know” about Christine who happened to be a Filipino just like me. was elated to know she’s one. her website’s great!

can’t write longer, gotta watch Wimbledon now (semi-finals between Venus Williams & Kim Clijsters). be back here, if not tomorrow, for sure on Saturday.

enjoyed my first entry, hehe! -)

Was I able to keep my plan to be back the next day and put in writing whatever I had in mind back then? I am known in my world as the great procrastinator. I accept that I have to motivate myself further for me to totally speed up my new-felt enthusiasm for life (this rarely happens). Felt ecstatic when I clicked on the next page of the said diary. There it was! I did write back the next day.. err .. actually, just a couple of hours after the initial post. I returned and wrote “eye bags & angel”.

july 4, 2003 – 1:58 a.m.

had a great time reading other members’ diaries. enjoyed editing & re-editing my own. think i’ll have to log on regularly so i could enjoy more.

the only thing bad that will come out of this is – my eyebags will sag for staying up so late! -)

oooppss! another thing: my Papa will complain about the electricity bill, for sure. i just wish i could get a place of my own so i’ll not piss them off bother them with my nocturnal habit.

can’t get Angel out of my mind…have to give him a good night’s sleep. hope he’ll dream of me. -)

will he visit me soon?

Angel did visit me. Maybe he dreamt of me. I hope so. As for the eyebags? It worsened. And what about the electricity bill? Papa didn’t confront me about it but I knew he absolutely disapproves of my nocturnal nature. Until now I’m still here in the same house where I’ve lived for, more or less, 33 years (minus the times I was in Manila and Legazpi). They’re stuck with me. Oh well.. better get going to where I wanted to be!

the little space at the back of the house